about us

Probono Publico therefore appeals to all organizations, individuals and entities that find common cause with it to support us morally, technically and financially to actualize its noble cause.


Probono Publico works with Key population to enable them access to justice, health related services, psycho -social support and crucially it engages in the struggle against stigma which is the major hindrance to the actualization of Key population rights, justice and health objectives.


Probono Publico however doesn’t intend to replace or compete with existing organizations that seek to promote the rights of Key populations but to initiate a more bold, open, robust and coordinated response in the promotion of Key population rights, justice and access to public health programs.


Probono Publico intends to protect Key populations from persecution, stigma, inaccessibility to health services, arbitrary arrests, marginalization, violence et al, indeed the prevailing hostile climate against key populations requires a coordinated and robust mechanism that targets legislative policy, penal law, cultural- religious bias and the official position.


Probono Publico generally advocates for laws, policy, cultural-religious practices that  promote the dignity, liberties  rights and access to health  of Key populations.

some of our


To solicit funds internally and externally for providing legal fees & services through advocates to represent indigents in criminal cases
B series
To advocate and lobby for high risk communities, individuals, groups, sexual minorities and organizations in the areas of health, education, law, culture, religious and socio-economic services.
X-110 series
To destigmatize negative cultural perception against sexual minorities and persons engaged in sex trade and encourage them to access counselling services, awareness of unprotected sex and access to emergency treatment like PEP.
M2 series
To sponsor, organize and coordinate seminars and workshops relating to peace, religious, health, cultural, legal initiatives, organizational development and curriculum development intended to actualize the constitutional provision of non-discrimination on the basis of gender, sex, culture, religion, political affiliation
B series
To link international volunteers to various organizations in and outside Uganda, support and subscribe to any charitable or public object and any institution the subscribes to our values
X-110 series
Offer counseling services to HIV and AIDS patients; procure remedial treatment by soliciting cheap anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs) fight discrimination against HIV patients sensitize the community about HIV/AIDS through seminars, door- to-door sensitization.
M2 series

Being in service to others is what brings true happiness.


e seek to become seek to become a vocal and principled defender, and promoter of internationally guaranteed rights of access to justice, health services, psycho – social support to Key populations in Uganda.

Key populations include men who have sex with men, sex workers and prisoners. Around the world key populations face much higher rates of HIV and AIDS than the general population and are most at risk for contracting HIV, UNAIDS estimates that between 40 and 50 percent of all new infections may occur between individuals in key population and their immediate partner . Under reporting is common within key populations due to fears of stigma, persecution and discrimination.