Probono Publico (PP) is a Ugandan Non-profit organization that was registered in 2017 to address that need to promote the rights of   key populations(KP) . KP include but may not be limited to –  Lesbians , Gay , Bisexual , Transgender , Intersex (LGBTI) individuals in Uganda .  We support KP’s through the provision of free legal services , promotion of human rights,  promotion of access to health, socio – psycho support , counseling and guidance as well as economic empowerment   . PP works closely with local , regional and international human rights organization  to share best practices in fighting stigma , marginalization and violence against LGBTI  people and to ensure that provisions of Art- 21 of the 1995  constitution  that guarantee equality and freedom from discrimination of all citizens of Uganda are expanded to include LGBTI people



A society where Key populations access health services, legal services and psycho-social support without stigma, discrimination, persecution and violence.


To provide a robust, bold and strategic response to the barriers that hinder accessibility of Key populations to health services, legal services and psycho-social support.


Probono Publico mobilizes Key populations to learn, embrace and utilize available specialized HIV treatment, care and prevention services through collaboration with other like organizations that offer the said services, we particularly sensitize MSM to embrace the culture of consensual adult safe sex, we also offer legal aid, psycho- social support as a means to redress stigma and protect the human rights of marginalized Key populations.

All this is possible through activism, advocacy and outreach services as means to influence laws, policies, cultural-religious doctrines, in cases where laws, policies and cultural practices are entrenched and threaten human rights, civil liberties and / or access to health services by  Key populations, we provide remedial action through public interest litigation or influence societal change through generating public debates, and using social and conventional media to spread the gospel of tolerance and empathy for stigmatized Key populations.


  • Mobilization of financial resources both domestically and internationally to actualize our stated objectives.
  • Providing Legal aid to Key populations that are affected by persecution, discrimination, marginalization and stigma.
  • Creating demand for the available Key populations health and social services.
  • Identifying gaps and barriers in health programming for Key populations and lobbying Key health stakeholders to address the gaps and barriers.
  • Lobbying key health stakeholders through advocacy for the inclusion of Key populations led organizations and leaders in the design, development, implementation and evaluation of health programs aimed at delivering quality health services.
  • Sensitizing Key populations and particularly MSM to embrace the culture of consensual adult sex, zero-grazing (avoiding multiple sex partners) and condom use.
  • Sensitize Key populations on their human rights, civil liberties and access to public health programs.
  • Collaborating with other organizations working in a related setting to ensure there is optimum utilization of resources aimed at Key populations and also avoiding duplication of program activities.
  •  Advocacy for law reforms, mitigation of stigma, cultural/ religious perceptions, persecution, discrimination and marginalization of Key populations.
  • Support, compliment and collaborate with like organizations in redressing the barriers that negatively and directly affect Key populations and both deny them access to health care and enjoyment human rights.
  • To become a vocal and principled promoter of the rights to access to justice, redress of stigma and promotion of specialized HIV prevention programs for Key populations.

Meet our dedicated team


  • Andrew Kamya
    Andrew Kamya Executive Director
  • Tumuhe Javis Levi
    Tumuhe Javis Levi Program Director
  • Mpiriirwe Racheal
    Mpiriirwe Racheal Research Director

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