Famous Ugandan Gay activist Keem Black Love has today made it official after introducing his long time crush and lover in a local wedding known as Kwanjula after which they will be having a lega marriage so that they officially become “Husband” and “Wife.” The Kwanjula ceremony took place today and the famous S3X worker Keem was escorted by a list of close “Gay” friends as she was making her “Bedroom” sessions legal even though we are not yet sure whether she is going to stop selling her body in aspects of S3x Working or h eis instead going to sit down and act as a real wife.

Keem Love Black, was born male but over the years after failing to find his true passion for men, he decided to turn gay, start loving fellow men and to make herself more pleased, she started selling off s*x to international workers and other loaded men back in Kampala until when she found love a few months ago. Even though she has not yet come out to show the face of the man she is getting married to, some are alleging that it is the famous Ugandan Facebook blogger called Ray Superstar. Below are some of the Photos from the Introduction ceremony.